Atelier Tekuto

Engawa | 縁側

Earth Bricks

Shirasu Concrete

Reflection of a Mineral House

Tower House

When completed it was the “skyscraper” of Jingumae, nowadays it is a miniature house

Archi Depot | New Material Research Library

Archaeology of the Future | Tokyo Opera City

Natural Eclipse House

Masaki Endoh

Space between architect’s vision and living/lived-in building.

Context; night-time economy

concrete plinth |drooping railings | ‘Where do the bins go?’ | clubs | neighbour emerging from his property with remote control | fibreglass | black tiles | small height | anthropomorphic pot plants | rain tracking down building | Flight of the Navigator | missing bike | close proximity of cars | active

‘A landscape continually over-written with the new’

Yuusuke Karasawa Architects

Small World Network

Fumihiko Sano Studio PHENOMENON

Abraham Follett Osler